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Starting from left to right:

André Nell became the general manager in 2021. With expertise in guiding on Big 5 reserves and a passion for nature, he oversees the Regen project and Nguni Cow initiative while embracing interests in anthropology, archaeology, botany, and aquatic conservation.

Nadea Nell, lives at Duna house with her husband André and two daughters. She oversees the administrative and financial aspects of the reserve. With over 20 years of experience in running luxury establishments, she ensures the smooth operation of the reserve.

Thomas Shongoane, is a general worker who excels in driving and welding.He occasionally assists with construction projects on the reserve.

Enipha Mosehla is the cleaning guru, making sure that the lodges and houses on the reserve are in good shape.

William Matsape is the oldest member of our staff and is particularly adept at fixing electronic and refrigeration systems. He also helps maintaining gardens and houses.

Wayne Mudenda, a skilled fabricator, left Zimbabwe for a better life and now serves as the Operations Manager at Swebeswebe. Wayne, along with his wife Messiah and two children, resides at Civit Lodge.

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